antonio gonzalo

I am an entrepreneur. I was born in Spain.
I like to understand businesses, markets and products, and create new ways to gently shake the world.



A group of engineers, programmers and User Experience researchers, creating a new breed of Internet of Things products: kind, simple and delightful.


A Blockchain Meetup and think tank to share and discuss insights about this technology through public and open meetups, conferences, courses and workshops.


Interior Design Studio, because spaces have meaning, and everyone deserves to live in a beautiful place to rest, get inspired and grow empowered.

Events & Public speaking

Millenium – TVE 2 (2018)

Entrevista en el programa de debate y divulgación Millenium

Clip for Spain’s national channel about cryptocurrencies: what are, how do they work, governance and history of open cryptocurrencies.

Los Desayunos – TVE 24h (2018)

Entrevista en La Bolsa de Madrid sobre Blockchain y Criptomonedas

Interview for Spain’s main TV channel in the Madrid’s Stock Exchange about cryptocurrencies and blockchain during the morning breakfast show.

Foro El Español – Newspaper (2017)

Retos para Blockchain y las Cryptomonedas, presente y futuro

This forum was created as a meeting point to communicate the past, present and future of blockchain and cryptoassets, and to debate how will it impact our industry and society.

Telefónica Flagship Store

Internet of Things & Blockchain: Desafíos y Oportunidades

In this Meetup, in collaboration with Telefónica, we presented the different problems that the industry of Internet of Things have to scale, and how blockchain emerges as a solution to most of them.

ENDESA Blockchain Lab

Blockchain & Energy: Hacia un futuro de energía colaborativo

In this Meetup, in collaboration with Endesa, we discover the most innovative innitatives in the energy sector, from expersts, startups and companies already deploying solutions with Blockchain and Ethereum.

Telefonica Convention (TEFcon) 2016

Liquify the world: Tesla, Bitcoins and Internet of things

Through this talk, I intend to provide an overview of the connected world we will live in once these technologies merge togethere. Not only they can, they clearly will. And then we will discover what Internet of Things is really about.


Trust in the mobile Internet of Things

Enhancing cellular connectivity through BLOCKCHAIN. In three parts, we describe how mobile network operators (MNOs) can place the user back again in the center of the ecosystem, and regain user’s trust for all connectivity management.

  1. Device Evolution
  2. Follow the white rabbit
  3. Enabling a brighter future

Blockchain Courses